Perfect Pour
Coffee Stout

Coffee is a stimulant. Beer is a depressant. But put them together, and you get MAGIC! When we set out to create a rich new coffee stout recipe, we knew your run of the mill coffee just wouldn’t cut it. Our recipe had to be nothing less than great—from perfect pour down to that last drop. The result was a coffee stout is like no other. A deep rich malt base is provided by NYS Pale, Caramal, Black and Chocolate Malts; with the addition of flaked oats and roasted barely. An exclusive hopped bitterness is provided by the addition of a hefty dose of German Perle Hops. The true magic to this brew is provided by Pour’s specially curated and prepared cold brew coffee extract which adding 6 gallons of super-charged java goodness to the mix. There isn’t much that’s more comforting on a cold day than a cup of great coffee, and even more so when blended with the rich flavors of a dark and roasty stout. Our Perfect Pour Coffee Stout brings the best of both brews with flavors of baker’s cocoa, dark fruit, and a bittersweet roasted malt body. No better way then to taste for yourself what all the buzz is about!

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